About us

Hi, I’m Inés Lawlor, here’s a little bit about me...

I graduated from the University of Salford (U.K.) in 1999 with a higher second class honours degree in Occupational Therapy.

I chose to specialize in the area of paediatrics in 2002 and have been working with children with learning, sensory, emotional and behavioural difficulties in different settings, for the past 11 years.

I have worked with children with Autism, ADHD, co-ordination difficulties, sensory processing difficulties and emotional and behavioural difficulties.

I have attended extensive further training including Sensory Integration (theory and clinical observation), Alert programme for sensory regulation, Floortime, Handwriting without Tears, Sensory attachment intervention, Visual Auditory Vestibular Triad among others.

I have a special interest in how sensory processing affects a child’s participation in functional (every-day) skills and has a practical, solution focused approach to Occupational Therapy sessions.

I wrote the story back in 2008, as I wanted to create a shared vocabulary and understanding between children, teachers and parents that explained sensory processing difficulties without making the child feel to blame.

Blanca’s beautiful illustrations have brought the book to life so now  you and your child can get to know your ‘modulator’s too!

Blanca Moltó

I have a degree in Company administration and management by Madrid University and have been working in management for the past seven years. I have also completed further courses in Art management, Web and Graphic design and illustration amongst, which has widened my knowledge and given me an outlet for my creative side.

I have worked simultaneously in all these fields enjoying both designing stage backgrounds and props as well as web sites.

After first reading "Max and me" I didn't hesitate in doing the illustrations for it. They seemed to flow naturally to me!
Ines and I have a great rapport which made it easier to achieve our common aim: to end up with a book with simple illustrations that help develop awareness about the different elements involved in sensory processing.

We are currently preparing a second edition of "Max and Me", and also a second book describing motor coordination difficulties which we hope to produce in the near future.