No ball games.. No way


I’m delighted to launch Dexter and Me – a story about motor coordination which is now available to buy through our website here. However, I wasn’t sure what to write a blog about as I’ve already talked about hand eye coordination here and the power of the movement system in […]



Adapting children’s stories for children with additional needs Whether in school or at home, most children usually love being read or told a story by an adult. Stories allow children to enter an imaginary world where they can find a reprieve from their real lives, ask and have questions answered, […]

Summer squabbles


As the summer holidays approach their end, parents may be longingly counting down the days until the kids are back to school. Long summer days can mean lots of time for play, but with play come the inevitable sibling squabbles. Although squabbling can be very wearing for parents to listen to, it does serve an important developmental function. ‘Conflict […]

Magical movement!


With Summer approaching (hopefully!) , it’s time to get outdoors and exercising again. So, today I wanted to talk about the vestibular (balance system) and the power of movement. Movement is important for maintaining healthy bodies at a healthy weight. With 1 in 3 Irish children classed as obese, for […]

Sensory processing & Wellbeing


Promoting wellbeing through sensory based mindfulness This Christmas I was given a gift of the book ‘Your precious life- How to live it well’ by Shane Martin. Shane Martin is a psychologist based in Ireland who (like myself) was struck by how intervention and advice on wellbeing and positive living is […]

Free play, what is it?

Free play children

I have talked a lot already, and shared articles on the benefits of play on a child’s physical, emotional and neurological development . Here is a recent post by the American Occupational Therapy association further explaining these benefits in case you missed me saying it! In particular I have a […]

Kind words

autism-kind words

I recently had the privilege to attend a very entertaining night by comedian (and fellow scouser!) Paul Wady called Guerilla Aspies . Paul is a comedian with Autism who has written the book ‘Guerilla Aspies- a Neurotypical Infiltration Manual’ ( His witty storytelling and observations about ‘us’ the neurotypicals made […]