Adapting children’s stories for children with additional needs Whether in school or at home, most children usually love being read or told a story by an adult. Stories allow children to enter an imaginary world where they can find a reprieve from their real lives, ask and have questions answered, […]

Creating a sensory friendly classroom


As children settle into the school routine, differences in the way children process sensation may start to become more apparent to both parents and teachers. Some children may be overloaded with the amount of sensory information an average classroom provides. Others may not be getting enough sensory information to attend […]

6 Top Sensory Changes you can make to your Home to Help your Child

6 top sensory changes

Sensory Integration Therapy and a sensory diet (targeted sensory activities throughout the day) are effective in reducing children with Sensory processing difficulties and Autism responses to everyday sensory experiences. However I am also an advocate of adapting the environment and activity to match the person’s sensory preferences. As adults, we choose environments […]

Sensory issues and anxiety

Anxiety - Children

I am often asked about whether sensory issues are related to or can cause anxiety in children. My understanding of the issue (and the way I explain it in my workshops) goes like this… So I see it as a cycle that anxiety leads to sensory sensitivity which leads to […]

Emotional sensitivity

Emotional sensitivity

I came across this interesting piece of research examining the emotional reactions of people who were classed as ‘Highly Sensitive’ on the Highly Sensitive Person rating scale. The study concluded (among other things) that individuals who were more sensitive to sensation were also more attuned to others and greater responsiveness to […]

Playground pressures!

Benefits of playgrounds for kids-sensory processing

Having spent a lovely Sunny few hours in the playground yesterday , I was thinking about a conflict between my OT head knowing how beneficial playgrounds are for kids and my mum head feeling constantly worried that they are going to fall and hurt themselves. I resolve this by reminding myself that […]