I spy with my little eye!


Phew! Parent teacher meetings over this week, and so far so good! I was struck by the focus on handwriting and reading, even in Junior infants in the first term. Therefore I thought I would talk about some ideas for improving handwriting (none of which involve a pencil!). If your […]

Easy sensory diet activities for a busy household

Sensory Diet - Movement

‘Managing your modulator’ A ‘sensory diet’ as it is known is often a core part of intervention for kids with sensory processing difficulties. Despite it’s name it’s not to do with eating, it is the idea of ‘feeding’ or sending the child’s  sensory system (modulator) the messages it needs so […]

Kind words

autism-kind words

I recently had the privilege to attend a very entertaining night by comedian (and fellow scouser!) Paul Wady called Guerilla Aspies . Paul is a comedian with Autism who has written the book ‘Guerilla Aspies- a Neurotypical Infiltration Manual’ (www.paulwady.com). His witty storytelling and observations about ‘us’ the neurotypicals made […]

Playground pressures!

Benefits of playgrounds for kids-sensory processing

Having spent a lovely Sunny few hours in the playground yesterday , I was thinking about a conflict between my OT head knowing how beneficial playgrounds are for kids and my mum head feeling constantly worried that they are going to fall and hurt themselves. I resolve this by reminding myself that […]

Draw your modulator!

draw-your-modulator-sensory processing book

Not all modulators are the same…Here are some of your modulators   [envira-gallery id=”649″]   WE WOULD LOVE TO SEE MORE! Send us your pictures to maxandme@mymodulator.com