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autism-kind words

I recently had the privilege to attend a very entertaining night by comedian (and fellow scouser!) Paul Wady called Guerilla Aspies .

Paul is a comedian with Autism who has written the book ‘Guerilla Aspies- a Neurotypical Infiltration Manual’ ( His witty storytelling and observations about ‘us’ the neurotypicals made me not only laugh, but also reflect on my own attitude around ‘sensory seeking behaviours/’stimming’ of people with Autism.

In particular I was reflecting on the language that I have used to describe or highlight behaviours which were causing concern (concern usually to others, not the person with Autism). Terms such as Disorder…, Disability…, Difficulties….Differences..Deficits..etc

I cringe when I think about the how the negative language in my well meaning reports may have sounded to a parent or child. As OT’s we preach Diversity – but is this reflected in our language and terminology? Here is a mother re-wording a diagnostic report and showing alternative way of describing her child. I hope that from now on, I can do the same.

Thanks Paul! and Adam Harris ( for inviting me to attend.

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