“Max and Me” in the 4th European Sensory Integration Congress 2015 (ESIC 2015)

Wow!, still processing all the information from the ESIC 2015 Conference. Such a privilege to be there and get to see such experienced clinicians such as Zoe Mailloux, Roseann Schaff, Eadoin Breathnanch, Suzanne Smith Roley and many more!


Ines Lawlor-ot-sensory processingIt was also great to meet other OT’s and share ideas about innovations and current practices from around the world.


So fantastic that we finally have research evidence that meets international standards  to support Ayres Sensory Integration Therapy thanks to all the therapists involved in the inspirational Ayres 2020 VIsion project.


Talking to people who had completed smaller scale research projects was equally inspirational. It reminded me that it is possible to gather evidence on the effectiveness of my own practise in order to support the bigger picture.


Annamarie Van Jaarsveld a South African therapist , talked about her project of building a playground out of waste materials to provide people in disadvantaged areas with enhanced sensory (and fun!) play experiences. I found this presentation the most powerful of all (as did everyone else given the standing ovation and tears from the audience!). Annamarie’s project beautifully reminded us about looking at the people we are working with in the context of the community in which they are living when prioritizing their needs. Even without any equipment, clinic, assessments etc, she has achieved  independence, community participation, motivation, respect , wellness and joy!- the basics of all OT intervention we all aspire to achieve. Thanks Annamarie!


Finally, of course, I was delighted to get the chance to share information about my book and share ideas with others about future projects.  Thanks to everyone for their positive feedback on the book and interest in using it in your own workplaces.

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