Sensory processing & Wellbeing


Promoting wellbeing through sensory based mindfulness This Christmas I was given a gift of the book ‘Your precious life- How to live it well’ by Shane Martin. Shane Martin is a psychologist based in Ireland who (like myself) was struck by how intervention and advice on wellbeing and positive living is […]

Easy sensory diet activities for a busy household

Sensory Diet - Movement

‘Managing your modulator’ A ‘sensory diet’ as it is known is often a core part of intervention for kids with sensory processing difficulties. Despite it’s name it’s not to do with eating, it is the idea of ‘feeding’ or sending the child’s  sensory system (modulator) the messages it needs so […]

ILSA conference 2015


I am also delighted to announce that I will be speaking at the Irish Learning Support Association conference on Saturday 19th September, in St Patrick’s College, Drumcondra, Dublin. This is a fantastic opportunity for me to tell teachers about my book, but I also really want people to come away […]

Workshop at Cheeverstown House

Workshop to staff at Cheeverstown House

On Tuesday 30th June, I will be presenting a workshop to staff at Cheeverstown House on the theory behind ‘Max and Me’ and how to apply it to the population who attend Cheeverstown Intellectual disability services. I worked in Cheeverstown  8 years ago and am really looking forward to going […]

Draw your modulator!

draw-your-modulator-sensory processing book

Not all modulators are the same…Here are some of your modulators   [envira-gallery id=”649″]   WE WOULD LOVE TO SEE MORE! Send us your pictures to